New products
Musikelectronic Geithain starts a new chapter in it's history of sound reinforcement systems introducing the TS and TT series. Since 1980 we offer sound reinforcement systems and now present to our customers a completely new concept regarding sound reinforcement. Based on years of experience we created sophisticated solutions for almost every application.
Ceiling installation systems
The two-way speaker TS11 is a premium, coaxial ceiling installation system with all-round quality. It is useful everywhere, where a discrete and optically inconspicuous sound reinforcement is needed. The advantage is the ability to cover large rooms in segments and with different volumes. The swivelling tweeter allows precise tuning to the reproduction space and additional flexibility when choosing the mounting position.
Inline loudspeaker
The TS30 series cover classic passive and active sound reinforcement systems in inline technology. High dynamics and limiting level are achieved by special compression drivers with horns. Therefore these products are compatible to existing installations. A technical feature available is our reliable bass cardioid technology. So even in acoustically difficult environments the products of the TS30 series are easy to handle.
Coaxial loudspeaker
The passive and active coaxial two-way sound reinforcement systems from the TS40 and TS50 series feature a compact cabinet, neutral sound colour, strong vertical focusing and high dynamics. These systems are engineered for high class speech and music reproduction. In addition they remain optically discrete because of their small dimensions. The abandonment of horn speakers results in a neutrality you only know from first class studio monitors.
The passive and active bass reinforcement systems TT12, TT15 and TT18K extend the bass transmission range of our TS-series speakers by more than one octave. Depending on the case of application and the required maximum level three different version are offered. Beginning with compact 12 and 15-inch bass reflex systems to the high power subwoofer with 18-inch long throw driver and cardioid technology harmonise technically and optically with our mid top cabinets from the TS-series. These systems feature high dynamics and low distortion.